Wayne-looking to help female couples and single women have a baby

Hi my name is Wayne, from Limerick in Ireland. I am 25 years of age, have a degree in New Media and English and Currently studying Computer Software in UL. I am 5″9, healthy all round, no illnesses or family illnesses. I am good looking, fresh faced, blue eyes, athletic and very confident. I am very physical but also very intellectual and open minded. Family wise I have a twin sister. Overall I am willing to offer my healthy sperm to a variety of people from lesbians couples trying to have a baby, single women who want a baby or someone that feels time is running out and can’t deal with everything leading to having a kid. By providing someone with happiness and life is something I am very comfortable with. I’m currently available and open to discussions. Feel free to text and chat me. Wayne.

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  1. Hi Wayne myself and my partner are hoping to conceive through home insemination and would be really interested in chatting with you.

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