Wayne-looking to help female couples and single women have a baby

Hi my name is Wayne, from Limerick in Ireland. I am 25 years of age, have a degree in New Media and English and Currently studying Computer Software in UL. I am 5″9, healthy all round, no illnesses or family illnesses. I am good looking, fresh faced, blue eyes, athletic and very confident. I am very physical but also very intellectual and open minded. Family wise I have a twin sister. Overall I am willing to offer my healthy sperm to a variety of people from lesbians couples trying to have a baby, single women who want a baby or someone that feels time is running out and can’t deal with everything leading to having a kid. By providing someone with happiness and life is something I am very comfortable with. I’m currently available and open to discussions. Feel free to text and chat me. Wayne.

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  1. Hi Wayne myself and my partner are hoping to conceive through home insemination and would be really interested in chatting with you.

  2. Hi Wayne,

    You sound like exactly what we are looking for. My partner and I( lesbian couple) want to start a family together soon. We would both like to try for a baby. Are you interested or available to chat further and maybe help us out? Thanks..

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