Tim Sensitve discreet gentle man would love to help, naturally.

Mature caring man , intelligent fit and healthy. I have five children already who are all clever beautiful kids. they are all academically and musically gifted. This sounds like bragging but I guess it’s relevant under the circumstances. We do not want to add to our family number but I would love to help somebody else realise their own happy family, in whatever circumstances, so long as it is undertaken responsibly.
I am in a stable marriage, so absolute discretion is both guaranteed and required. I would not be looking for contact with the child. I would prefer N I, and I am sure this gives the best chance of conception.
If you require a lad, I am sure there are plenty on here. If you are looking for a man with more experience and a proven track record, please get in touch. If I am right for you I would love to help. If I am not, then I wish you every success with your dream.

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    1. Thanks for your reply. I would love to help if I match your requirements. You are the first to reply, so I am uncertain about how we proceed.


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