Teresa Kind sperm donor needed

Hi ,
My name is Teresa . I’m from County Kerry and I want to have a baby in my life now .I love children having nephews and nieces and always minding them from time to time I understand all that is involved in rearing children and loving them dearly and putting them first. I’m almost 43 and I can’t waste too much time in the hope of becoming pregnant . I am open to AI or NI with a sperm donor who is kind , understanding, sensitive with a good genetical background . I’m also open to co parent the child or regular contact or if the donor wishes to be anonymous with no contact then I respect that too with strictest confidence. My main focus is just to have a baby . Please get in touch if you would like to help me and also if traveling won’t be a problem .

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  1. Morning Teresa lovely message I would be interested in helping you out. I live the other side of the country but we could work something out. I know it’s not easy as you get older but you can’t give up. If your interested just message me.

  2. Hi Teresa,
    I would live to hear from you, and I live in the southwest.
    Maybe we could find something that suits both of us.
    If you have already started your journey, I wish you luck with it.

  3. Hi Teresa! I understand your situation. Please read through my Spermdonorireland profile and if you think that I match your criteria, do let me know.
    Dennis 🙂

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