Steve 30 yrs old 4 brothers & 9 nephews & no illnesses

Hi there,

I always get comments about how our blood only produces boys, recently a friend told me about this site and how that could make me stand out.

The brothers and I, either are, or have been very sporty over our lives, g.a.a. only. If intelligence is genetic, then maybe that’s what led us all to college in various sectors.

None of us have had any health issues, nothing hereditary. I had just the one auntie on my mum’s side that had cancer, everyone else is still chugging along into old age.

I’m not sure what to post here, but if I can provide any info, just ask. If you wish for me to have a medical exam, just ask and try be specific, but I’d appreciate being reimbursed.

I don’t know what routines are least daunting for you, but whatever works for you, I’ll make sure to be respectful.

Best wishes,

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