Stacey Lesbian couple looking for AI only

Lesbian couple, have been together just over 10 years.

Looking for healthy donor with no diseases. Race doesn’t matter to either of us.

Conception is AI only. We are only looking for a donor, not a coparent. Open or closed donation is up for discussion in regards to whether or not when the child is of age they have access to identification.

We are in northeast part of Ireland, so preferably someone around Dublin or north there of.

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  1. Hi I am from the north east also more than happy to help if you are still searching, I am open To AI not a problem, I have no diseases, and would rather closed contact but that can be discussed, send me an email if you are interested?

  2. Hi I am offering this service for free to any ladies out there wanting to get pregnant.Experienced healthy guy will give you sperm, or fertilization according to your will. Everything to be determinedI have a sti test . STI (sexually transmitted infection) . if you have such research it’s great, decent looking and straight.

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