Paul Healthy Irish Sperm donor, looking to help

39yr old 5’8″ Irish male, single, have one 5 year old daughter whom l raise as a house father. Looking to assist and supplement some extra income.(only what can be afforded)
I have a 140 IQ, intq, Julian day 2444578.66.

I’ve a degree in physics from dit and 10 plus years as a support analyst. While now working in tha childcare sector after the birth of my child and realising how essential children are for a full healthy existence. Hence me volunteering to be a donor.

I have varied interests from jungian dream analysis, astronomy, writing and poetry to international football and rugby spectating and many many more.

I have bright deep blue eyes brown curly hair aldo it was blonde when I was young and a rich red beard.
Contact level is up to you.

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