Paul Compassionate Healthy Irish Vegan Yogi

I’ve reached the age of 37 and have yet to meet the one. My life has been a full one. An Irish swimming champion in secondary school, I graduated from Trinity with a degree in Neuroscience in 2004. I’ve always had a good ability to learn new things that interest me, or new skills. Soon after uni I headed out into the world for 13 years where I learned German, Spanish, French, Indonesian and Japanese, and tried my had at a number of different occupations from recording artists in an LA studio, to teaching kindergarten kids in Japan.
Along the way I learned guitar and piano and developed a passion for music. This combined with an inmate ability to provide counselling and a qualification in Reiki, all combined to lead me to my current occupation as a sound healer.

I’m an athletically built white man who surfs, rock climbs, snowboards, mountain bikes and hikes. Having never had any serious health issues (apart from a few broken bones from my adventure sports) I feel I have a good strong set of genes. I love the great outdoors and have a sense of adventure that’s led me to circumnavigate the globe 6 times. If this all sounds appealing don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

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