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Me and my partner, we cannot have children together, we have tried and tried, and have just recieved results of fertility tests. We are heart broken.

I am 35, settled in a good job, hes 41, settled in an even better job.

We need a little helping hand.

Would prefer no contact, no co parenting etc.

Can anybody help us out please?

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  1. Hi Pamela

    May I can help I am 6ft 2 in with brown hair and hazel eyes. I have my own children and have donated before. Based in the southwest. Message me if interested.

    Kik JohnIrish38

  2. I would be willing to help you achieve your dream of a family. I respect your wishes and will not be involved once the process is complete.

  3. Hi I am offering this service for any ladies out there wanting to get pregnant.Experienced healthy guy will give you sperm, or fertilization according to your will. Everything to be determined I have a sti test . STI (sexually transmitted infection) . if you have such research it’s great, decent looking and straight.

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