Max Sperm Donor Available

I am in a relationship, but I’m simply not sure if I’d ever like to have my own child, but I know from friends with their own issues having children just how difficult it can be and seeing as I’m young and healthy, I’d like to help if I can.

In terms of future contact with the child, I completely understand how complicated that situation would be, so I would leave that decision completely up to you.

I am in a relationship so it might seem a bit strange saying this, but in terms of method of conception I would be open to either.

About me, I’m a 35 year old, self-employed animator. I’ve always been athletic and love music and film. If you’d like to chat or meet me in person then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Otherwise, best of luck with your search.

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  1. Hi Max,

    If you are still interested in being a donor, feel free to hit me up. My partner and I have been together just over 10 years. We tried a few times with my partner including IVF with no joy. So, now since I am the younger of the two we are planning to let me have a try. As far as after conception communication, I am okay with either no communication or occasionally updating you on milestones if you wish. I am also open to the idea of once the child is 18 knowing who the donor is. Whether is it just a letter from you that I keep in a file, or if you wish to be accessible after the age of 18.

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