Jayne Looking for a help to conceive a healthy baby

I’m a single Caucasian female. I’ve just turned 38. After a lot of deliberation I feel this is the only way forward. I’ve got to the point where I can no longer wait for the right guy to fulfill my dream of becoming a mother. Looking for a healthy Caucasian doner.

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  1. I am a white man, good looking, with a high IQ. I am 182 cm tall. no genetic diseases in the family. I am free from sexually transmitted diseases. I am a father as a donor several times. prefers natural methods. I don’t use drugs or alcohol.

  2. Hi I am offering this service for free to any ladies out there wanting to get pregnant.Experienced healthy guy will give you sperm, or fertilization according to your will. Everything to be determinedI have a sti test . STI (sexually transmitted infection) . if you have such research it’s great, decent looking and straight.

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