Isabelle Single Mammy Wanting More Children

Single. 29. Irish. 6″2.

Mammy of 1 child who is 3.5years.(Surprise Pregnancy with a guy I was engaged to). I do prefer the natural method of getting pregnant and I guess we can talk about it level of contact, especially if we get on and you’d willing to help conceive again. I really do want more children, it’s the only thing that feels right to me and when it comes to men and relationships, they don’t want children and only want sex so I think I need someone willing to help me.

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  1. Hey Isabelle! I’ve noticed that you haven’t specified any requirements.
    If you’re interested, I’m 27 years of age, 5’10, Indian ethnicity, brought up in Ireland, well educated professional and I am free of drugs and diseases with no known genetic abnormalities in my family. Let me know if this generic description appeals to you and we can meet up and discuss further.

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