4 Replies to “Eddie Free Sperm Donor Success”

  1. Hello Eddie.

    Hi I’m 35 years old and I really want a child. I know I’m young but I feel like I would be more complete with life and to have a little human of my own would make me super happy. I have done ivf they all seem not to be working . I don’t care about age or looks just of your willing to help. Talk to me & let me get to know . Thank you if willing to help me?

  2. Hi,
    I am a 40 year old mam of 4 I love my kids but my sister hasnt been blessed with children I would love to help her so much and have a baby for her, its a hard thing to look up and try find help but I am getting on and would need to do it soon I rekon so if you were willing to help I am a single mam the kids dad wanted a younger model so yep am not in a situation where I could do this without a sperm donation so if your willing to help that would be great

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