David PhD Candidate 27 year old Male Donor

I am a 27 year old Male from Kildare.
I have a degree in theoretical physics from Trinity.
I was doing a PhD in theoretical physics until:
I suffered a back injury (trauma) – not genetic – that I’m recovering from. I can ejaculate just fine thankfully.
Besides the injury I am very healthy and I eat a wholefoods plant based diet. I do not smoke and drank alcohol very minimally in the past and have not drank alcohol at all in the past year and a half.
I have no known autoimmune problems or anything like that.
I am 181.5 cm tall. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I can send a pic for sure.
I socialise just fine but to be honest I don’t go out of my way to socialise.
I had a bout of depression for about 5 months when I was 25 following the ending of a 6 year relationship. I recovered with counselling and no medications.
When I got my back injury I had a bunch of blood tests that showed I was very healthy. Very low inflammation etc.
My dad has bipolar depression, gout. His mother rheumatoid arthritis. I’m not sure if any of these are genetic.
Until the injury I was very athletic and strong. Even now I have maintained my slimness at least.
I am a quick learner and won a scholarship for university.
I wear glasses for some slight short sightedness.
I hope this is enough….

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