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Low Prices on Home Insemination Kits

Sperm Donor Ireland offer all the Home Insemination Kits and accessories you need to become pregnant by artificial insemination using donor sperm. Choose from a variety of kits at the very lowest prices.

Super home insemination kit for donor sperm

Super Deluxe Home Insemination Kit:
10 syringes
10 sterile specimen cups
10 ovulation strips
Discreet packaging is guaranteed.

Deluxe home insemination kit for donor sperm

Deluxe Home Insemination Kit:
5 syringes
5 sterile specimen cups
5 ovulation strips
Discreet packaging is guaranteed.

Quadruple home insemination kit for donor sperm

Quadruple Home Insemination Kit:
4 syringes
4 sterile specimen cups
Discreet packaging is guaranteed.

Starter home insemination kit for donor sperm

Starter Home Insemination Kit:
2 syringes
2 sterile specimen cups
2 speculums
2 ovulation strips
1 Pregnancy Test
Discreet packaging is guaranteed.


Guide to Home Insemination Guide

Home Insemination Kit

The equipment you will need is:

– 10ml syringe (without needle)
– Specimen pot
– Sterile disposable vaginal speculum (if required)
– Soft Cup (if required)

Here is a simple guide to home insemination with sperm donors.

1. Your sperm donor will firstly need to ejaculate into the specimen cup (or a fertility cup). Your donor should replace the lid on the cup and pass it to you as soon as possible after ejaculation. Your donors’ job is now complete!

2. Get yourself into a comfortable position with your hips raised. If using a vaginal speculum a small amount of lubrication (sperm friendly such as PreSeed) may be required to effectively insert the speculum, but only use a small amount. The woman can very gently insert the speculum into the vagina to locate the cervix or why not ask your partner to help.

3. Insert the speculum at a 45 degree angle pointing slightly downward. Open the”bills” of the speculum 2 or 3 cm using the thumb lever. Position the bills so that the cervix “falls” in between. Secure the speculum by clicking the ratchet mechanism (plastic speculum). Make sure that you lock the speculum in place if it is a lockable speculum. Do not move the speculum while it is locked open as it may cause injury.

4. Wait for the sperm to liquefy, this would normally take 10-20 minutes, draw back the syringe once with nothing but air and then push the air out, then slowly suck up the sperm into the syringe (no needle required). The sperm can remain active for a 1-2 hour period as long as it is maintained at just below body temperature however it is best to inseminate as soon as the sperm liquefies.

5. Squeeze the contents of the sperm as far into the vagina as possible and near to the cervix – do not aim at the cervix as this could cause injury to the cervix and the woman could go into cervical shock. Leave the syringe in placefor a few seconds and then slowly withdraw it.

6. If you are using a speculum once the sperm has been inseminated slowly withdraw the speculum slightly to clear the cervix. Loosen the speculum and allow the”bills” to fall together. Continue to withdraw while rotating the speculum to 45 degrees, dispose appropriately as they are single use speculums. Dispose of used syringe and specimen appropriately also as they are also for single use only.

7. Lie down on your back with your hips propped up by a pillow for around 20-30 minutes. This should be ample time to allow the sperm to travel.


We would recommend you seek advice from your GP if you feel you need further clarification around Home Insemination Procedures. We strongly recommend you consider all health and legal risks of carrying out insemination methods outside of a licensed fertility clinic.