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63 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi there,

    We are a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donar in the Dublin area. We have two children already and are lookint to expand our family. Id anyone can help us or would like to meet up for a chat please come back to me.

  2. hi there, i am interested of being a sperm doner, i have a son myself, and i would gladly help others to get the joy that i experience..

      1. I’m an educated older guy (50) businessman, with a grown up family, I’m Irish, drug and disease free, non smoker, totally discreet, would be willing to help you. Not looking for payment.

        1. hi myself and partner are interested in a donation. we have tried iui’s twice in private clinics didnt happen for us . we are trying 1 year now. andrew id be interested to chat to you . if your would like to help us ?

  3. Co-parentmatch.com username: Aria421
    I am single 38 year old who would like to have a child and I am looking for sperm donor. Further details about me can be found on co-parentmatch.com.

  4. Co-parentmatch.com username: Aria421
    I am single 38 year old from Dublin who would like to have a child and I am looking for sperm donor. Further details about me can be found on co-parentmatch.com.

  5. Hi
    I am a 38 year old single woman looking for a sperm donor in the Dublin area. I am 5.6, slim & fit. I will request that you can email a copy of recent tests that show your STD & Hiv clear, or that you be willing to take test. If interested be free to message me.

  6. Hi,

    I’m interested in sperm donate. age 40, very healthy person and living healthy, have 2 very beautiful kids, one boy and a girl’s. i love to help those people who really want’s kids but I need to know their strength, love, craziness for kids and able to accept. please feel free to mail me —-
    God always love us and send someone to help us

  7. Hi my name is Samantha iam a 23 year old I work in the catering end of things iam looking for some one to help me I have a 2 year old but iam craving another little baby as iam not in a relationship with men hope someone can help me thank x

  8. hi guys
    myself and my partner of 3 years is wanting to have children and we are looking for sperm donors as we are two females. we are at the stage we want to have kids. we are both 28 years old and seem to be the right time to have kids.

    1. Hi,

      I am a 24 yr old young guy, 5’10”, 72 Kgs, Light brown hair. I am working in Dublin as Marketing Guy. From my childhood only i am academically bright with great sense of humor. I am interested to help you. Reply back to post in case you wish to talk to me.


  9. Hey there… Im interested in donating sperm. Im 28 a college graduate and if you want to know more then get in touch.

  10. Hi I am a younge single man 18 years old but am very mature for my age. I am looking to become a sperm doner and would love to help someone have kids. I am a very athletic person and I am currently in college. Please reply if interested.

    1. Hi there
      I would love to help
      Please text me on —————-
      No fee
      i have helped two gift babies already.
      Clean and healthy

  11. Hello everybody my name is JJ. I am 19 blue eyes black hair athletic body naturally tanned. I want to become a donor to help those people who cannot conceive. I am a super straight forward guy I’m also a lot of fun message me if your interested . šŸ™‚

  12. my co parentmatch.com user name is :sarah-louise2 hi am a disalbed 26 year old single mother to my sone who need a slibing and i am looking for a man who can give that to him. . i woud like to get pregant the natural way but i need to have sex 3/4 time aweek or more, am will to pay cost of fule and for sperm if getting me pregant is succucefull šŸ™‚ i would like the man to be 5”6 and about Preferably arount the 6 foot mark or more with a bigish ***** if possabile my son is of bule eyes and blond hair and would like his slibling to have that or green eyes if possabile . i am well clutured and educated dispite my EDS TYPE 3 . i would like to think i have the same right and choice as an abled boided person. i am aslo dislexic . i am aslo looking for a man who has minium helath problems to no health problems and is willing to give me at lest 2 children . i have a thing for read headed men. but im really easy going i can accomadte if need be but you would have to be gone before my son is up and i can provide food too. i would hope the other person is good at picking up other languages or music or traveling ect.

    aslo i like the man to be stocky build like a rugby player . may be im getting picky now but if not essenisal though. i am in the mayo area. west of ireland aera and i can not travel and am looking to start trying in novmber or the dates bettewen the 2nd of october 2015 to the 21st october 2015 and then i be in the uk for just over a week and then i will be home from then .

    i am deaf and can talk i am chatty and out going and will do my best to achive what i set my mind to . i hope some one can help me out and does not mind if i am on my period to still try and get me pregant. i have no idea how you will get in touch with me but i hope some ones does.

    thanks for reading


  13. Hi I’m John from cork 26 good looking fit dark brown hair would love to help and donate not here for money here to make a women

  14. Hi,

    I’m Indian, 23 year old guy, non smoker and non alcoholic. Also drugs free and disease free person.

    I would like to donate sperm…

    Interested persons contact me…

  15. Hi I am a 32 yr old female who would love to have a baby……as I have not found the one I believe it’s time to try other avenues to have a wonderful child. I am 3rd level educated, no financial problems and would give my baby all the love in the world!! I would like the donor to be educated, brown eyes, tall and athletic. If you want to make my dream of having a child come true please reply. I would be eternally grateful. I live in Dublin.

    1. Hi Eleanor, I’d be happy to help
      I am third level educated but work with my hands
      Tall 6’3 far from overweight!
      Dark hair, green grey eyes
      I have three children so I know for sure it definitely works!Ha
      Let me know anyway, nobody should miss out on the joy of being a parent

  16. Hi, I am a single man 33 years old, PhD educated, Irish male. I am a very athletic person, very healthy person and living healthy, drug and disease free, non smoker, totally discreet. I am looking to become a sperm doner and would love to help someone have kids. Dublin based. Please reply if interested.

    1. Hi Donal,

      My name is Melissa and I’m looking or a sperm donor. If you’re still willing i’d love to hear more from you.
      Thanks Mel

  17. My name is Alex. Chinese. Non smoker non drinker. Healthy. 175cm. 75kg. Living in Dublin.Would like to help with someone who want have a mixed baby. Email me :

  18. Hi, I’m an Irish Caucasian from Kildare, early 30’s. I have one child from a previous relationship. I am an non smoker, non drinker, healthy, enjoys walking and sports. I’m well educated and I am willing to help someone who wants to have a child. I am single and open to AI, NI and co-parenting. I work a lot of hours so never met the right woman to settle down in a relationship with. Willing to help anyone who needs it. Contact me today

  19. We are a 30 year old married couple (married 2.5 years, together 11) who are unfortunately not able to have children naturally so are looking down this route.
    We would like anyone interested in helping us to have a recent STD test done and be able to email us a copy.
    Neither trevor or I are overly tall (I’m 5’2, he’s 5’7 so would prefer under 6 foot but not a necessity and he’s blond with blue eyes whereas I’m brunette with green eyes so appearance isn’t all that important.
    Would need to be strictly AI only and no contact with child thereafter.
    We’re from Northern Ireland but willing to travel anywhere within Ireland/N.Ireland.
    Please get in touch if u think you can help :).

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